Guiding Ring - Elden Ring Companion


The best ER companion tool for gamers to track their progress and explore items in Elden Ring!

Track Your Progress

Create separate entries to track the progress during your playthrough

ER Boss Guides

Explore detailed info about game bosses and read different tips & strategies that will help you to defeat the enemies!

Quests & NPCs & World Locations

Create and add notes for game quests, bosses, and world locations. Remember the story when you come back to the game after some time

Walkthrough Guides

Follow detailed guides that help you to explore all questlines and meet NPCs in the chronological order. Discover all 6 endings in the game by following our guide!

Essential Tool for Gamers

Perfect tool to track your progress in games that do not have a journal. Built for gamers who want to enjoy the game story

Elden Ring Compendium

See details of over 2,300 items, weapons, armors, bosses, NPCs, locations, and more that can be found in the Elden Ring world

Ad free

Guiding Ring does not waste your attention or battery life with ads.

Made for iOS

Guiding Ring was built from ground up for iOS and iPadOS using SwiftUI technology. It has a native interface, and it is fully integrated with all system features.

No personal data collected

We take your privacy seriously: Guiding Ring does not collect any of your personal data or any data that could identify you.

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